4th Floor For Photo - Elzbieta Dobrzynska &Wlodzimierz Zaworski -We have been in photography for over 5 years.
Photography is our passion and way of life. We try to make each of our projects unique, having its own atmosphere and character. Each client and task has an individual approach. Our versatility and experience means we are not afraid of new challenges. The opportunity to explore new avenues with creative people is invaluable for us. We also organise many cultural projects: concerts, thematic conferences and training photography workshops.
We also work with many charitable organizations: Amnesty International Ireland, UNICEF, United Youth of Ireland, SPIRASI, East Africa Solidarity Fundraiser
We take part in projects associated with the Polish Embassy in Dublin, Polish Schools and School Leaders for the Polish Community.
If you would like to get to know our work please visit: www.4thFloorForPhoto.com